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The Good Night Sleep Coach

I would love to share my personal experience with you all. Something that you may find yourself going through.

A week ago my 6 month old daughter was waking every hour before 11pm and every 2 after that.. with 2-3 kips during the day (15-30mins)

I thought it came down to her being really itchy with her eczema.

I then thought it may be because she had learnt to roll?!

There were a few reasons I thought she was waking so often and i was at my wits end...

At the start I thought I had an amazing baby who only woke once or twice a night.. but after she got sick and mastered rolling.. it all went out the door.

I then called a lovely lady Caroline who is a sleep coach.. (The Good Night Sleep Coach)

Who changed everything.

I must admit the 1st day is the hardest but we have now set a good foundation and routine.

She has now learned to self settle. With hours of sleep during the day which has massively improved her night sleep ..

Would love to thank @carolinemitchell The Good Night Sleep Coach from the bottom of our hearts.

Check out her website

Truly grateful,

The Moons

Pepi Petite

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